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Secretary’s Message

” The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth”- Erasmus

Canara’s endeavour has been to mould students with real education; wherein every child is responsible and disciplined in addition to being good at academics. In this rapidly changing world, our students have to focus and surge ahead to achieve their goals in spite of the distractions and difficulties ahead of them.

We will be celebrating our decennial this year. Lots of activities are planned. Infrastructural improvements will continue to happen and we plan to provide an exclusive play area for the younger kids. Improvements of the class room interiors have also happened.

The 100 percent results this year also show the commitment on part of the Principal and Faculty. My compliments to the them for their efforts , the parents for their co-operation and the students for their eagerness to learn.

  • Mr. M Ranganath Bhat
  • Honorary Secretary, CHSA