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Dress Code

  • All students are required to come to the class / functions neatly dressed in well laundered uniform on all days of the week. No coloured dress is allowed. For each untidy turnout a fine fixed by the management will have to be paid.

Untidy turn out includes:

Not ironed/torn/uniform, different shoes and socks other than those prescribed by the school, long hair (boys), long but not plaited hair (girls), unclipped finger nails, using mehandi or nail polish, fancy ear toops, hair bands, pen/pencil pouches, anklets, chain, digital watches etc.

  • The prescribed foot wear from Monday to Saturday is well polished black shoes with black socks. However, black rain shoes without socks are allowed during the rainy season from June to September.
  • Girls have to wear tights and petticoats and boys, vests and briefs compulsorily.
  • Girls with shoulder length hair should tie their hair in two pony tails and longer length should be formed into two plaits.
  • No fancy clips or coloured ribbons will be allowed except black ribbons or black clips for the regular school uniform.
  • Boys are expected to have regular haircut which has to be simple and short, eg.: crew cut.
  • Wearing tattoos and ear rings/studs on one ear is not allowed. The school belt and ID cards have to be worn every day. Failing to which, a fine fixed by the management will have to be paid respectively.
  • No form of jewelry is allowed with the uniform such as bangles, long earrings, chains, finger ring and Anklets, etc.
  • Birthdays are very special to all children. Wearing modest coloured clothes is allowed. Please make sure that the birthday dress is neat and presentable. Please avoid sleevless, spagetti straps, off shoulders and the like (for girls). Recommended dress includes frocks ;with sleeves for class I – V and salwar Kameez with Duppatta for classes VI and above.
  • Colouring of hair and use of gel is strictly prohibited.
  • Boys must wear pants above their waist. They are expected to wear the school belt.

No student is permitted to tamper with school property. Students shall bear the cost of any school property damaged by them.